Why Join?

The Coachella Valley is for the most part statistically divided into two ethnic markets with a 46%
Hispanic Population numbering 150,000 individuals. The Hispanic population in the Coachella Valley
spends over ONE BILLION dollars per year. If you are not seriously attempting to find and reach this market, you are not reaching your potential sales revenue. The Hispanic Market is not traditional in terms of shopping patterns.

For many generations, the Hispanic market has risen during the summer months where other markets
take a downward trend. The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is staffed with personnel who have
studied the market in the Coachella Valley for over 30 years as well as nationally and understands
your needs.

The Coachella Valley Hispanic Market combined with the Imperial Valley Hispanic Market rank 6th in
per capita spending among Hispanic in the United States.. Every national survey taken has demonstrated Hispanics are loyal shoppers and become attached to brands. Doctors, hospitals, auto dealers,shops, restaurants, markets, and service providers. Once you get them as a satisfied customer, you will be their provider. Today is the time to address this market while the trend is in discovery.

How many loyal customers will you have lost by months end? The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
is dedicated to assist you in discovering a heretofore largely ignored multi-billion dollar revenue

The key staff of HCC includes over thirty five years experience in dealing with the Hispanic Market. A
member of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Transition Team who was specifically singled out
by the Governor to help him understand the Hispanic Community of the Coachella Valley is a driving
force for establishing the HCC. The mission of HCC is to help expand the business opportunities for
every member and to highlight, focus and invigorate the image of all those who join.

The Hispanic communities already participate with all of the founding members and your business
can benefit by joining us.